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Our philosophy brings back the art of problem solving into consulting.
Frame the Problem Rigorously.
Common Issues
Our Philosophy and Approach

“We need to manage our expenses“ . . .

“Ok, let's design your offshore payment processing center in Manila”

It is surprising how often consultants jump into solutioning simply based on what their engagement sponsor asks them in the first conversation. That's because their primary metrics (and motivations) are sales.

As a small firm, we rely on the merit of our work (and client referrals) to earn additional engagements. We work with you to frame the problem, instead of simply going with the stated.

Case Study

The President of a top-20 bank LOB once called to discuss his business problem – “We have recently merged with another bank, leading to significant pressure from the street to deliver synergy cost savings. My LOB has been given its targets. Can you help?”

Given this conversation, it would be common to work with him and find cost cutting / synergy opportunities. Instead, we found that in a challenging banking environment, his LOB was the only one returning high double digit growth to the bank. While the stated objective of cost cutting would have been easier to sell, it would have stifled their growth - a huge disservice to the larger client organization.

We reframed the problem to cost avoidance – handling growth without asking the bank for more capital. Additionally, we found a portion of their portfolio (small ticket high-volume deals) did not fit their high-touch business model. Our work led to a combination of strategic and tactical recommendations. Strategic recommendations included a shift in their business model – finding alternate means (Outsource, Grow, Acquire) to process small deals. And tactical opportunities leading to a 37% increase in processing capacity, without additional investment or hiring. We went on to help the client implement all of our recommendations.

Note: Examples shared are engagements that Amit led during his long consulting career (including when he was a member of other organizations).