AUMResearch is a management advisory firm helping financial services clients through their strategic and operational challenges.
What We Hear from Clients
“You always know which one or two directors will be vocal”
“Of course, we have a strategic planning process . . . starting with an externally facilitated management and board retreat”
“Making change is hard, even when everyone has their agendas aligned – which is almost never”
Our Value Offerings
Board of Directors Advisory
Strategic Planning and Management
Performance Improvement and Execution Support
Governance and board oversight serve important functions, if engaged effectively. Reduce risk and enhance the value you obtain from your board, as we help your directors see the bank as a glass box instead of a black box.
Strategic planning should be more than an annual get together to come up with action items. Develop comprehensive strategic plans with our methodical approach and analytical models; Utilize our support to manage execution.
No executive believes that s/he has extra time available for continuous improvements or problem fixes. Utilize us as an extension of yourself with a holistic view, to enhance both efficiency and effectiveness in your business areas.
  • Transform your board packets to provide actionable insights, instead of stacks of paper with data tables
  • Help directors be better prepared for board meetings through advance one-on-one discussions (as needed) and topical trainings (e.g., banking and regulations)
  • Facilitate board sessions with independent experts for more productive and focused discussions
  • Apply a methodical approach (and models) bringing together all elements of your business for strategic planning
  • Facilitate stakeholder discussions for deciding on strategic priorities and developing action plans
  • Support execution against strategic priorities and report to management / board throughout the year
  • Apply independent critical thinking grounded in comprehensive analytics
  • Focus on improvement across all business aspects (strategic, operational, human capital) with prioritized execution and impact delivery
  • Be the change catalyst, adept at bringing stakeholders together